Bulan Terbaik Beli Emas Setiap Tahun ?

Mengikut analisas di lakukan , bulan terbaik untuk membeli emas adalah bulan Mac setiap tahun.Pandangan peribadi saya , tiap-tiap bulan adalah bulan terbaik membeli emas :)

Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst, GoldSilver
MAR 7, 2017

(This update from Jeff Clark also includes recent developments on the themes he’s been covering in the GoldSilver newsletter.)

It’s a rare gem when you can look at history and reliably pinpoint a time that is the best buying opportunity of the year.

But that’s exactly what we have with gold.

We tallied the average monthly change in the gold price from 1975 (the year gold was legal to own again in the US) to present. Here’s what we found.

Since 1975, the gold price has fallen more in March than any other month. Meaning it is one of the low points of the year and thus a good time to buy.

To be clear, this is the average performance over the past 42 years. Obviously there were years when the price bucked this trend. Also, this data measures the gain/loss from the last day of the prior month to the last day of the current month; it does not measure intra-month performance (you can see average daily performance here). But historically speaking, March has been the best month to buy gold.

You’ll notice that after March, the gold price tends to be relatively flat for the next four months. You’ll then see it typically rises every month for the remainder of the year. What this means is that if the price drops below the March low anytime between April and July, it may be your last chance to get a good price for the rest of the year.

On average, this historical data sends a very clear message:

• The next 30 days are likely the best time of the year to buy gold.

Kredit : GoldSilver.com

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